The 21-Hour Football Program

X&O Labs' brand-new study shows how a small group of high school coaches grew tired of declining numbers, declining commitment and declining support and re-built their programs into a super-culture that is growing participation, getting iron-clad buy-in from players, coaches, admin, parents and the community--and now they're winning more games! 

See How They Did It...

There is a new shift in thinking… it’s a small, but growing trend among high school football coaches. And it's having a big impact on those who are implementing it.

It’s a simple concept. These coaches are developing their programs to win in the 21 hours before and after practice. Don’t get us wrong—practice is a very critical part of building a successful program, but these high school coaches have found to truly reach and maintain peak levels of success, you have to win in the hallways, in administration offices, in parents’ living rooms, and down on main street.

These coaches are building a super-culture within their programs that is growing participation numbers, getting iron-clad buy-in from coaches, players, parents, admin and the community. The results are stunning. First, they’re flat out winning more games and, most importantly, they’re proving the media and all the nay-sayers wrong about the sport of football.

What Is Your Program Doing in the Next 21 Hours?

Eighteen months ago we set out to better understand why the national participation of high school football was declining—and to bring solutions back to coaches that could grow the game. What we actually found during our research was far greater than what we had hoped to discover.

Yes—we found solutions to football’s declining participation numbers. These are real solutions that can truly grow the game. That was not surprising being we have a network of over 60,000 football coaches—most of whom are at the high school, college and NFL levels.

The truly exciting development was discovering a small group of high school coaches who are re-building their programs to achieve higher levels of success in an ever-changing culture, society and world—and, here’s the fun part, they’re winning more games!

We put our entire findings of this 18-month study into a brand-new book called, The 21-Hour Football Program. I'll show you how you can get this book or access the digital version with all the video in just a minute, but first take a look at what you'll find inside this ground-breaking study (note: this is a small sampling of what the research found):

  • Grow Player Participation in Your Program: The days of having middle school and elementary teachers hand out flyers to get kids involved in high school football are over. That strategy used to work—before the Internet, robotics clubs, PS4, cell phones and YouTube—we’ve found coaches who implemented innovative, modern methods proven to get grade school, middle school and high school kids to show up and buy-in. This study will show you how to recruit your own hallways, middle schools and living rooms like a college coach—and get the athletes you need to build your vision.

  • Reverse Player Drop-Off: Most high school programs lose a majority of their players during the transitions from middle school to freshmen and freshmen to sophomore year. Coaches cite many reasons for the drop, but that didn’t stop the coaches we found from jumping in and plugging those holes. Once they started recruiting like a college coach, their participation numbers jumped—and they started winning more. This study shows you the recruiting strategies and concepts high school coaches are using to get kids in and keep them in.

  • Stopping Sports Specialization: High school coaches say sports specialization is the #1 reason for the participation decline in football. In this study, you’ll see the unusual steps some schools have taken to recruit athletes to play multiple sports—and its working. This book provides you with plenty of “recruiting ammo” for those reluctant single-sport athletes. We spoke to some of the best college coaches in basketball, baseball and lacrosse about the types of kids they prefer to recruit—all the answers centered around multi-sport football players. As the head baseball coach at TCU, Jim Schlossnagle, told us, “I’d much rather have a baseball player who played high school football because they’re better prepared for college baseball.”

  • Winning Over the Moms: It’s no secret that if you win the moms, you win the house. Increasing the number of athletes in your program includes building strong relationships with parents. Our research discovered high school football coaches fall into one of two distinct camps: coaches who see parents as an asset and those coaches who see them as potential roadblocks. Care to guess which of these camps achieve more success every year? This study takes you inside those innovative programs who’ve built winning cultures by brining parents into the program and develop a sense of ownership. These strategies lower parent issues and prove more productive for your off-field programs. Note: In the study, you'll see how a high school coach made one little change to his pre-season dinner and, to his surprise, it drastically increased the attendance of kids to his off-season strength programs. Here's a hint: It was the parents who were the driving force!

  • Successful Programs Are Families: While teams change every year, the family dynamic of your program shouldn’t. Being a “family” is talked about by most programs around the country, but how many are actually living it? This study sorts through the talkers and brings you those coaches who’ve gone outside of football to find inspiration in building a brotherhood within their walls. Not only will you see multiple strategies coaches are using to build unity, but you’ll also read inspiring stories of how the family bonds of these programs carried kids, coaches, schools and communities through difficult times. This goes beyond winning and proves high school football is woven deep within our communities—and should be protected.

  • The Reality of High School Football’s Perceived Concussion Problem: Football coaches are doing a great job of protecting their players, but the industry has done a poor job protecting the game’s reputation. Our researchers talked with renowned neurologists who understand athletics to get an unbiased look at what the research says about playing football—and as you can guess, it’s not what the media report. In this study, you’ll get the latest research that show there is no statistically or clinically significant harmful association between playing high school football and increased cognitive impairment or depression later in life. Plus, you’ll see how a small group of coaches are taking the concussion topic head-on with parents and their communities.

  • Assistant Coach Buy-In: Culture starts at the top. It’s instituted by the head coach, then trickles down to the players. But the key liaison between the players and the head coach are the assistant coaches. They are the ones that carry the philosophy forward. This study shows you how some of the leading high school programs are getting buy-in from assistant coaches; retaining staff year-after-year; and building a coaching staff that can advance the program.

  • When Main Street is Your 12th Man: While the success of most high school football programs is measured on the field, the seeds are often planted in the community. And while the game of football has changed, one thing hasn’t—a good football team is a reflection of the town. When a town feels connected to the program, it provides all the support necessary to help it thrive. It’s the head coach’s job to forge that connection. Our research found that in today’s world, there are more opportunities than ever to do so. In this study, you’ll see the innovative, unique and truly different approaches some high school programs are doing to build tight bonds with their communities—and showing players, students and the nay-sayers football is so much more than just a game.

As football coaches and researchers, we knew the importance of this research and how it needs to be in the hands of coaches in every football program in the country--especially with all the negative publicity surrounding the game. 

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This brand-new study shows you how to build your own super-culture that will grow participation numbers, get strong player buy-in, build strong partnerships with administrations, parents, the community—and win more games!

It doesn’t matter how well your program is functioning right now. As you'll see with the coaches featured in this study, it doesn’t matter if you’re barely holding on or you’ve just won consecutive state championships—use the proven concepts in The 21-Hour Football Program to improve, or even re-build, your program into one that can face all the headwinds that our ever-changing world will throw at it—and, here’s the fun part, win more games! 

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